Coaching and Consulting are alliances designed to achieve desired outcomes that align with your values and ambitions. 

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Our coaching relationship is centered on a shared commitment to our work together.  During your initial complimentary session, you can expect that we will work to identify your primary goals on which to focus.  Should we continue the coaching process, sessions will occur on a 1-2 week basis for a 3-6 month engagement.  As professional coaching is an ongoing endeavor, outcomes are most successful when client and coach consistently meet to focus on action items and achieving goals.
My expertise in Recruiting and Talent Management will support your focused goals around the lifecycle of your career.  By considering aspects of your current and aspirational situation, including advancement and promotion, career transition, leadership, professional identity, and wellness, we will determine a realistic plan that you can implement to advance your goals.  Executive career coaching sessions include:
  • Formation of an action plan, directed by you and guided by me;
  • Email and text messages between sessions to follow up on any specific items or to address any situations that arise;
  • Identification of technical practitioners, such as resume writers and brand specialists, if needed;
  • Interview and/or promotion request preparation to assist in the effective communication of your professional skills, attributes and value;
  • Additional discussions, including identification of key contacts, leadership, business and professional development opportunities, to support your progress.


As an experienced strategic leader in high-level attorney and executive recruiting and talent development, I work with organizations to identify and incorporate solutions to meet their talent management, engagement, diversity and inclusion, and retention goals.  I strive to understand and incorporate core values into the advancement of business strategies.  At the same time, I empower team members within the organization by providing one-to-one coaching and facilitating development opportunities that support professional growth.  A united team in which all members are achieving individual and collective goals is the foundation of a strong organization.  Together we will advance the goals of your business.

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