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My Story

I grew up on the east side of Cleveland in a home infused with Midwestern values.  My father was an entrepreneur and my mother was a teacher.  Family and hard work were integral to my upbringing; success was defined as finding the realistic balance between the two.  My years at Syracuse University exposed me to the world outside of Ohio and led me to New York City upon graduation.  I embraced this thrilling new adventure and, in being true to my foundational principles, I built an expansive network of professionals, mentors and friends.

In 2013, my wife and I relocated from the east coast with our young son and daughter-on-the-way to pursue career opportunities closer to family in Colorado.  As I worked to find my own balance between raising a family and pursuing my work in law firms, I began to reflect on the knowledge and skills I obtained over the years in the recruiting and talent management field.  I identified areas on which I have made an impact and realized my ability to:

  • Understand and appreciate the unique characteristics of law firms encompassing major markets in the United States, Europe and Asia.
  • Build coalitions of internal recruiting teams, legal recruiters and career service professionals;
  • Lead life-cycle recruitment processes, expanding to onboarding, retention, training, and career coaching;
  • Develop and lead nationally recognized summer associate programs;
  • Deliver interviewer skills training workshops;
  • Implement candidate-sourcing strategies;
  • Speak at national conferences;
  • Serve in elected and appointed leadership roles in New York City, Denver and national recruiting and development organizations.

This reflection led me to the decision to develop Randy Liss Coaching & Consulting, drawing on both my 18 years of experience and my passion for helping professionals succeed in their careers.

Coaching and consulting offers me the privilege of incorporating my foundational principles into my own business. I am committed to helping clients reveal their opportunities, identify solutions and realize their goals.

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